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Who we are

BCI Mobile stands as a pioneer in distributing mobile and IoT technologies, in addition to smart devices across the Middle East, having introduced top-tier brands to the market since 2006. Our foundation is built upon a commitment to delivering the latest in mobile and IoT innovations to every consumer segment, paired with unparalleled customer service. This commitment remains our guiding principle.

As we’ve grown, BCI Mobile has expanded its reach to serve an ever-increasing customer base, now encompassing over 3,200 points of sale, 12 exclusive showrooms, and 11 dedicated service centers spread across Palestine, Jordan, and Iraq.

In keeping with our mission to enhance the electronic services landscape, we’ve launched an online store. This platform is designed not just to extend our product offerings but to redefine the online shopping experience in the region. It offers an extensive selection of items, prioritizing ease of use, and secure transactions, ensuring our customers have access to the latest IoT and mobile technologies at their fingertips.


BCI Mobile has established itself as a leading provider of mobile technology in the Middle East region.

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MultiCell was founded in 2015 in Palestine as the strategic arm of BCI Mobile, a multi-brand distributor.

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