Who We Are

At BCI Mobile, we are at the forefront of the smart living revolution.

Established in 2006, we began our journey by introducing the Motorola brand to the Palestinian market, offering a diverse array of advanced cellular devices.

Our portfolio quickly expanded to include renowned brands such as LG and Samsung Electronics under the BCI Palestine umbrella, marking our commitment to providing cutting-edge technology to our customers.

Our success in Palestine paved the way for our expansion into the Jordanian market in 2010, where we became the official distributor of Samsung Electronics. This expansion continued into the Iraqi market in 2012, further establishing our presence in the Middle East as a leading distributor of mobile and electronic devices.

A landmark achievement came in 2022 when we partnered with Xiaomi, stepping into the world of IoT by becoming the official distributor of Xiaomi’s innovative mobile and smart home appliances in Jordan. This partnership positioned BCI Mobile as a key player in the region’s IoT and smart home technology sector.

In the same vein, BCI Iraq solidified its presence in the smart device market by becoming the exclusive and authorized distributor for BlackView phones and the official distributor for Infinix Mobile phones in 2023.

BCI Mobile is not just about distributing products; we are committed to enriching lives through smart technology. Our team, distinguished by extensive experience and a passion for innovation, is dedicated to providing the best in smart living solutions. We offer a wide range of Xiaomi IoT and smart home appliances tailored to meet the evolving needs of our customers, complemented by exceptional after-sales services.

As we look to the future, we aspire to lead the charge in the distribution of smart technologies and electronic devices across the Middle East. We aim to broaden our reach into new markets, continually expanding our product and service offerings to include the latest in IoT and smart home innovations.

Our journey with Xiaomi and our expansion into IoT and smart home technologies have significantly enhanced our brand’s value, making BCI Mobile a regional hub for dealers and customers seeking to embrace the smart living revolution.