Who We Are

In 2006, during the early stages of the mobile revolution, BCI Mobile introduced the Motorola brand to the Palestinian market, with a goal of broadening the array of cutting-edge devices available to the market. A year later, the company added LG, and Samsung Electronics to its portfolio of brands under BCI Palestine.

Because of our success in Palestine, we ventured into the Jordanian market in 2010 by launching the brand as Samsung’s official distributor. By 2015 we had successfully entered Iraq.

With a strategic approach and a vision to become the powerhouse of mobile technologies in the region, BCI Mobile achieved remarkable consistent growth, adopting successful practices based on significant investments in dedicated customer service centers. Our message was simple: for technology to become part of people’s everyday life, it needed to be simple and intuitive, with a clear guarantee attached. By adhering to this simple guideline, we attained no less than an impressive 95 percent customer satisfaction rate, increasing our brand equity to become a hub for mobile vendors region-wide seeking to broaden their network.