BCI Mobile has established itself as a leading provider of mobile technology in the Middle East region. The company’s journey began in 2006 when it introduced Motorola and Samsung Electronics to Palestine. Since then, BCI Mobile has expanded its footprint to Jordan in 2010 and Iraq in 2015.

In April 2021, BCI announced an official partnership with the global telecommunications company Xiaomi. Under this partnership, BCI Mobile became the official distributor of Xiaomi products in Jordan. This strategic partnership further strengthens BCI Mobile’s position as a leader in the mobile technology market.

BCI Mobile is guided by a vision to become the nucleus of mobile technology in the region. The company’s commitment to this vision is evident in its unwavering focus on providing dedicated customer service. BCI Mobile’s mantra is simple “technology should seamlessly integrate into life”.

This focus has resulted in a remarkable 95 percent customer satisfaction rate, establishing the company as a trusted partner for mobile vendors seeking network growth.