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A dynamic tech brand, began with rugged outdoor phones, catering to adventurous spirits conquering tough environments. Evolving over a decade, they’ve embraced mainstream phones, smartwatches, earphones, tablets, and laptops. Boasting consistent annual sales growth of 20%, Blackview’s global customer base spans 80+ countries. Join the journey of resilience and innovation.

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Born from Xiaomi Corporation, POCO is an independent brand that conquered 35+ global markets in just three years. With over 9 million phones shipped worldwide in 2020, POCO’s journey began with the 2018 launch of POCO F1 – amassing 2.2 million shipments due to its exceptional performance. Boasting autonomous product, sales, and marketing teams, POCO aligns with fans’ needs through its ‘Everything you need, nothing you don’t’ philosophy. Driven by relentless innovation and fan-driven updates, POCO stays relevant in the fast-paced tech world