MultiCell was founded in 2015 in Palestine as the strategic arm of BCI Mobile, a multi-brand distributor. The company was offering a wide range of products from leading brands, including Honor and realme, two of the fastest-growing Chinese smartphone brands, this initial success paved the way for MultiCell’s expansion into Jordan in 2018 for Honor and 2020 for realme brands.

MultiCell Jordan’s commitment goes beyond mere distribution. They have actively fostered brand awareness and built strong relationships with both realme and Honor. This dedication has resulted in successful marketing campaigns, effective retail partnerships, and exceptional customer service, ultimately contributing to the immense popularity of these brands in Jordan.

In 2022, MultiCell announced that it had signed an agreement with BlackView, a Chinese company that specializes in manufacturing rugged smartphones and tablets. As a result of this agreement, MultiCell became the official and authorized distributor for BlackView devices in Jordan and Palestine.

This provides customers with access to a wide range of rugged devices with the latest technologies. The company aims to become a leading distributor of smartphones and electronic devices in Jordan and Palestine. MultiCell plans to expand to new markets in the future and to offer a wider range of products and services.