In a momentous development, BCI proudly announces its pivotal collaboration with MTIT, the Ministry of Interior, and all emergency responders, laying the foundation for the Unified Emergency Response Center 911 in Palestine. Funded by the World Bank, this transformative initiative signifies a monumental leap forward in the landscape of emergency services.

Mr. Said Baransi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BCI group, recently solidified a pivotal agreement in a joint venture with the esteemed Italian company Beta 80. This strategic alliance encompasses the supply, installation, and operation of essential systems for the Unified Emergency Response Center 911, aligning seamlessly with the broader mission of advancing digital services in Palestine.

At the core of our vision is the integration of cutting-edge technology to streamline emergency responses, with a focus on reducing response times and enhancing overall operational efficiency. The consolidation of diverse emergency services under the unified 911 number establishes an unprecedented standard for safety and responsiveness.

This groundbreaking project not only underscores BCI’s dedication to technological innovation but also amplifies our commitment to social responsibility. As we navigate this transformative endeavor, we eagerly anticipate witnessing the positive impact of the Unified Emergency Response Center on the lives of citizens in Palestine. Stay tuned for forthcoming updates as BCI, in collaboration with MTIT, the Ministry of Interior, and emergency responders, charts new horizons in emergency management.