Ramallah - Palestine

Reference Number BCELL-PAL-978

Date 30-10-2022

Job Summary:

Handles the warranty processes starting from receiving set on GSPN till the end of repair and financial compensation, oversees the GSPN transactions, reports, and analysis.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Follows up with the SEIL Office regarding any needed special approvals or any warranty issues.
  • Monitors the jobs to ensure that all of them are closed daily.
  • Monitors and follow up Warranty Claims and on hold claims
  • Prepares regular reports and statistics on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Checks if all handsets within BCI and SEIL policies and instructions.
  • Defines the required process and improve the existing one.
  • Compares the compensation that we received from SEIL with the actual uploaded claims.
  • Prepares daily report for technician’s productivity, received jobs, number of received jobs per branch and same day repair.
  • Communicates with the SEIL Team regarding any opened jobs on the GSPN.
  • Administrates all of GSPN Accounts and users at BCI.
  • Controls any errors or bugs within the system until it’s solved.
  • Communicates with the System Admin. Through SEIL regarding any bugs in the GSPN System.
  • Monitors the process of creation warranty claims in all branches and sends a weekly report of all the jobs that need a warranty claim.
  • Registers all warranty claims mistakes in a separate sheet in order to be considered on a monthly evaluation.
  • Modifies the wrong claims on the GSPN.
  • Prepares a monthly report showing numbers of accepted and rejected claims in addition, to the cost of losses, with analysis of rejection reasons.
  • Collect all the accepted warranty claims from branches for the monthly audit that is conducted by SEIL.
  • Reviews the monthly warranty invoices and confirms the invoice amount.
  • Controls and audits any wrong claims and corrects it on the system.
  • Collects the defective parts to be send monthly auditing purposes.
  • Arranges & organizes the spare parts in the shelves in a proper way.
  • Dispatches spare parts to the technicians.
  • Prepares a daily report for all consumed parts in the previous day, and matches with GSPN system.
  • Coordinates with Demand Planning & Inventory Control Officer with the orders process.
  • Allocates the parts for each part number through GSPN system (Define a Bin location on GSPN).
  • Matches all used or consumed parts physically with GSPN System.
  • Keeps stock control system updated, daily, weekly, monthly all the needed parts and to be directed Demand Planning & Inventory Control Officer.
  • Checks all PR sets to be swapped on GSPN system.
  • Checks PR stock availability of the handsets and requests to prepare the order from the main warehouse.
  • Arranges, monitor & maintain PR Stock.
  • Performs other duties as and when requested by the direct supervisor.

Job Specifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical or communication Engineering or any related field.
  • 1-2 years of experience in the handsets technical field.
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