Amman, Jordan (June 2020) – Multicell the leading smartphones distributor in Jordan and Palestine, and one of BCI Mobile Companies the leading mobile retailer and distributor in the Middle East since 2006, recently announced its strategic partnership and exclusive distribution of realme mobiles; the fastest growing smartphone brand, and the official entry into the Jordanian market through its line-up of competitive handsets.

This partnership came into effect due to Multicell’s extensive experience and strategic market coverage, which in turn will create a diverse and unique offering that matches the new market player’s young and trendy target audience.

Designed to attract the unique and edgy younger generation of mobile users, realme, the 7th fastest growing mobile brand in the world, unveiled in the Jordanian market four affordable premium products; the realme 6 series which include, realme 6; the hero model, 6i, and 6 Pro, in addition to the realme C3 handset.

Commenting on this strategic partnership, Mr. Fadi Baransi, CEO of BCI Mobile affirmed, “We are proud to announce the inauguration of our partnership with realme, and adding it to our assorted brand portfolio in the Jordanian market, creating an even more diverse mobile experience for our customers.”

“The mobile technology is continuously progressing, and the new developments are advancing our world as we know it. We have seen that the mobile industry proving itself to be an agile industry, where it adapts to uniqueness, trendiness and smart features, and we are certain that the new lineup from realme will change the world of mobility”, he added.