The company will expand the reach of its subsidiaries to serve more customers region-wide

(October 2020) – BCI Mobile, the leading flagship brand of mobile devices in the Middle East, will be significantly widening its operations in the region by integrating the services offered by its various subsidiaries under the BCI Mobile brand. The company will continue to broaden its service offerings regionally by bringing new and exciting products to customers across four main categories: smartphones, mobile accessories, tablets & smart watches

Since its inception in 2006, BCI Mobile has helped to reshape the mobile device landscape in the region by making available a wide array of brands to customers and adopting a forward-thinking, customer-centric strategy. Today, the flagship brand is serving a growing customer base through more than 3,200 points of sale, 13 showrooms and 15 service centres across Palestine, Jordan and Iraq, and has also launched an online store that was designed to elevate the online shopping experience in the region by offering choice, ease-of-use, and security.

“In this day and age, the mobile devices market is experiencing rapid and unprecedented advancements that are redefining every aspect of our lives,” commented BCI Mobile CEO, Fadi Baransi. “With the launch of BCI Mobile as a flagship brand encompassing a growing range of companies throughout the region, we plan to further revolutionize the customer experience by significantly broadening the choices available to the customer and supplementing that with our established standards of customer service.”

“Our subsidiaries have essentially reshaped the mobile landscapes in the markets where they launched,” noted Baransi. “With the launch of BCI Mobile as an umbrella with limitless possibilities, we will be taking these achievements and the lessons we have learned to deliver an even better experience to more customers throughout the region, increasing the variety of brands and product classes available while continuing to focus on the pre- and post-sale customer experience to encourage widespread adoption.”

Baransi noted that BCI Mobile’s core values, which include honesty, customer-centricity, focus on innovation, and transparent communications will continue to define its operations as it expands its operations in the region, helping customers from all segments to leverage the wellspring of opportunities delivered by the modern mobile revolution.